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[EU] [PvX] Duck to Duck [OUCH] Looking for a small guild to call home? Join our friendly group!

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We are a casual guild with only 5 members currently. We know each other IRL and play together semi-regularly. Three of us play often, two are newer players who have less time to play.

We are looking for a few members to join our community. We don't want a huge guild just a few more who can be an extension to our group - perhaps around 10, just some easy going, fun people who enjoy PvE, sPvP and WvW and hopefully start raiding as a group.

We have the Gilded Hollow (HoT) guild hall and are slowly trying to upgrade it to Arena Restoration 2 so we can use the arena to duel etc. We are currently only have a few upgrades though so that's a long term goal.

We are looking for people who primarily:

  • Are on Gandara (EU). That’s if you want to do WvW with us. We do both roaming and zerging occasionally. (I am myself primarily a WvW player though). If you aren't on Gandara and are happy to not do WvW then I suppose it doesn't matter! Gandara is currently full too I believe so there most likely won't be a chance to transfer :(

  • People who have not done raiding yet, but are looking to learn them from scratch with us! (none of us have raided either and want to experience it as beginners to figure it out together)

  • People who aren't looking to be meta or have that elitist mentality. You won't find that here, we are just looking to have fun and experience all the game has to offer. We'll play to be experimental, help each other and basically just have fun. If you enjoy it, we can make it work. No one will be forced into anything they don't want to play. Everything is viable!

  • New or experienced players welcome.

  • To be fairly active in game (like already enjoy playing most days basically) and are looking for a guild to be your primary guild. Representing isn't that important, but it is important that you want to play with us!

We mess about on discord during sessions (we are not sensible) but if you aren't comfortable joining voice chat, that's ok too.

We are all from the UK so our usual play time is evening GMT, around 8 onwards. All time zones are welcome, but evening GMT is likely the time when most activities will take place.

If you are looking to be a part of a tight-knit 10-20 person group who will just enjoy different parts of the game together, then give me a shout.

Contact me (luxontime.1046) in game by whisper or mail, or of course here if you are interested. I'm on basically most evenings playing WvW so I should be easy to get hold of.


  • Heya

    Whats the current average age for the guild? I'm after somewhere with more mature players these days ...

  • Hi, probably around 30. We are basically around 25-35 or so.

    That is for the 5 of us anyway, we have some newer members in the last couple of days and I am unaware of their ages at the moment.

    I think we are fairly mature, but do like to joke around when we play. I would say our average mental age can drop at certain times!

  • Still recruiting! We got some new people but looking for a few more if any are interested.

  • Hey! Sooo, I'm very new. I'm 30 hours into my first ever playthrough, never done raiding ot dungeons, and I've only completed 4 areas to 100%. However, I'm looking for something more, just some fun and chill people who I can just mess around with on PvE. You guys sound like great fun, please get back to me as soon as possible. (PS, I am a bit younger, I'm 16, but hopefully that doesn't matter too much).

  • Hey sorry i missed this! Christmas n'all getting in the way. I've added you in game and I'll give you a message when you're online if you are still interested

  • Scynthi.3214Scynthi.3214 Member
    edited December 27, 2017

    Sorry dwarf, got a bit backed up with the holidays and stuff. Someone should get to you soon :) We're still looking for more people though, so please let us know if you're interested!

    P.S. if anyone else is interested, you can also try to contact me ingame! Just PM/mail me :)

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