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My story pet peeve. **Spoiler Warning**

Tired of the last boss fight turning into a die fest, it was only the last stage that completely went that way. Also the break bar of the Awakened Anubus in early story is way too rigid. Even with a Scourge and tons of condi, the ones that could affect the bar did soo little damage to the bar that focusing just on killing it was the only practical action until it reached less 50% health, then there was a bit more give. Though much of that also resulted in dying a ton as evades were basically shut off or non responsive. Also there is way too much stuff stopping evades in the story even when bar is full, for much of the annoying avoid this fights I couldn't even do one evade, the action literally wouldn't take during the fight. I could bring up the crazy add spam but that seems to be here to stay no matter what.

Can you please stop killing Spoiler Warning

A particular golum that keeps one of the characters bound to exposition and always being stuck away from the group. It's more like a bad running joke at this point.
Please stop representing Braham as so childish, it doesn't fit well with both his race and his status.


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    I can't imagine you wouldn't have enough cc's on a necro. Anyway, I played it on dragonhunter and yeah it's...not that bad, maybe, but it was kind of dumb. SYG was all but useful, a lot of her cc's pretty much ignored stab and stunbreaks (seriously, why do stunbreaks go on cd for the stun...?) and there was just...a lot going on. And she performed big attacks faster than your dodge bar fills up, so even perfectly dodging made some of it questionable if you wanted to bring a melee weapon into the fight. It wasn't impossible, not even really difficult, just seemed complicated for no necessary reason. I liked the fight overall, I thought overcharging the shield was a fun phase fight, but the rest of her attacks just seemed off-putting and some of them downright unnecessary.

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    I didn't actually realize that this was the part where I wasn't supposed to die or fall off the platform until the final 10% when it goes berserk. I did not find the fight even marginally challenging or in any way dangerous. It was another mostly boring fight like the first real one with Balthazar and then the Soul Eater. So, I guess your mileage may vary.

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