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Do raids need easy/normal/hard difficulty mode? [merged]



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    Raids have problems, but we need a better solution

    @Captain Kuro.8937 said:
    Strike Missions from the scale of 1-10 (10 being the hardest) , how hard are they ?
    5 ?

    Icebrood Construct has a very low difficulty, easier than fighting story bosses like Balthazar or Mordremoth, easier than all dungeons and all fractals, including story paths and T1 fractals. Basically can be done solo, the only reason to fail soloing it is the timer, it's very strict for a solo player. But with 2 or 3 people it's doable.

    Fraenir of Jormag is also very easy as it lacks any party based mechanics, it's of comparable difficulty to easier dungeon/fractal bosses and some story bosses. 10 players is overkill for this one, can be done in a smaller group, like with 5 without problems.

    Claw and Voice, is the first "proper" squad content Strike Mission. Unlike the previous ones that can be done with very low number of players this one is easier done with an actual squad. Low tier Fractals (up to T2 maybe T3) and some dungeons is the appropriate difficulty for this one

    Boneskinner depends on the version... did they fix it? I haven't done it in a while, but it started stupidly easy, then it get really hard, then I lost count of the patches.

    Whisper of Jormag is essentially a lower tier Raid boss. It has proper phases to teach you its mechanics little by little, and at the last 20% it gets really tough to survive.

    So I guess Icebrood Construct is 1/2, Fraenir is 2/3, Claw and Voice is 4/5, Boneskinner is ? and Whisper of Jormag is a 8/9
    Since they have such well defined difficulty progression I'd suggest you start from the easier one (Icebrood Construct) and progress slowly. You can start with a duo and see how it goes.

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    Raids have problems, but we need a better solution

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    It's a good idea and will definitely help more noobish players (like myself) get into the swing of raids in a less daunting manner. I think a lot of us do want to try our hand at raiding, but have been a little intimidated to try it because of the large leap in difficultly, which may also be part of the reason why the raiding player base is so minimal. I know Anet has implemented Strike Missions as pseudo easier raids, but doesn't really bridge the gap well enough. Also, harder difficulty for raids will help the veterans to not get bored of the content as much :P

    It would if players took them seriously as if they were doing actual raids. The problem is that you still have a lot of people doing them while having terrible personal DPS and not even attempting the bonus chests.

    No, The problem is that the people that would treat strikes as seriously as raids should be treated are the people that do not need any bridges of this kind. For everyone else however strikes are no help at all.
    Strikes as they are might be good for only one thing - experimenting with the different levels of difficulty and rewards and seeing which works best for the target group Anet has in mind. But even for this they aren;t all that good, because a lot of players tend to lump all strikes together, instead of seeing and treating each of them individually.

    Arenanet should label strikes based on their difficulty, that way there would be no "excuse" to lump them all together. Hopefully as we get more of them they will do a tier system similar to Fractal tiers and avoid this issue altogether.

  • Raids are fine the way they are, combining bosses of various difficulties

    @maddoctor.2738 said:
    Boneskinner depends on the version... did they fix it? I haven't done it in a while, but it started stupidly easy, then it get really hard, then I lost count of the patches.

    Yeah they fix it, but he's still the hardest boss of the strike missions. It can fail pretty easily if people don't take care of their positioning for example (carry heal scourge is really useful for non-exp party).

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