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[EU] Expedition to Istan - Saturday (2nd) 17:00 CET [No story spoilers]

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—We travel further away from our homes than we have ever been, to the distant island of Istan. What treasures - and perils - await us there?

Event Details

The Expedition to Istan is an exploratory one-time event, a shared adventure to Istan for players to get themselves acquainted with the region. We will start at the first waypoint, in the region, then proceed through the area, completing events & hunting bounties on the way, reaching some distant places and getting an achievement or two! On our journey, we'll also help players figure out the answer to the question "what exactly is Brandstone, anyway?".

Note that this is not intended to be a 100% exploration run or a farm grind, but rather a relaxed foray into the map. The commanders have noted down some key points we want to visit, but the expedition will not follow a strict path or schedule.

As part of the run, we will visit all the waypoints in the area, touch on quite a few key locations, complete the meta event and point out some interesting locations and achievements. We will be bringing fully mounted mesmers to help players get to difficult locations, and if any attendees wish to bring a mesmer themselves, that's welcome too!

The event takes place on Saturday, the 2nd (of December) at 17:00 CET [16:00 UTC/GMT], and will last 2-3 hours (players can enter/leave freely throughout the event).

Note: The event itself and our Teamspeak in general are considered spoiler-free, so you can join the event even if you have not finished the story yet without fear of it being spoiled for you.

How to Join

To join, simply connect to the OpenCommunity teamspeak at


Teamspeak is a free program, our TS has no password, and you do not require a microphone to join! We will be in the Expedition to Istan channel, and and you can join at any point before or during the event!


  • Chalon Docks Waypoint (first waypoint in the Domain of Istan)
  • Raptor, Springer and Skimmer mounts (our expedition does not require Sand Jackals or Griffons)

For more events, you can check out the calendar page on our website (we haven't filled in all our plans for December so it's mostly just Triple Trouble for now, but we generally do Core Tyria, HoT and PoF events every week :P).

Hope to see you there!