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Build Template makes Legendary Armor useless

Now before you rage at me cause you PVE justice heroes are fond of doing that, hear me out. If you think about it, it kinda does.. other than stat changing and the "Stylish and prestigious" look that Legendary armor gives you. It's functions would have the same as legendary armor. Although i do believe this function should've been added with the Legendary armor too cause that rune swapping can get tedious and tiring after awhile. But the Build template implementation would basically just be doing the same thing legendary armor could do just using more armor sets / runes/ sigils / ammy's / rings.


  • Well, while I agree with some points, the creator of ArcDPS doesn't have legendaries from the sounds of it so that's why it don't work with those... Anyone who's got legend armor, or who can make it from raids, has little to no need for it.. Most players in raids have their armor sets already in ascended, or have mag shards to get it, by the time they've got the stuff for it. So it's just a skin or bag saving then.

    As for WvW legend armor, I don't think they change armor much there. Sure the meta switches, but most builds just have 1 set of armor. So not much need there.

    As for PvP legend armor, it's there for those that don't wvw or raid but want the stat swapping powers.. This is the easiest way to get it imho. This is where the average joe would be going for legend armor I believe. Now that they have it, these players would probably be the one that swaps playstyles a bunch.

    TLDR: Legend armor is simply convience and has no real use besides saving space, or pretty skins (love them). Build templates allows legend function but having bag space tax, something legend armor would solve. Once ArcDPS dude gets legend armor I'm sure they'd make build templates work with legend swap/rune swap, and then build templates would have a use for legend armor again. Since build templates really just save you clicks.

    Personally I love the templates for traits! So I don't have to remember my favorite condi mesmer shatter build for dungeons, and then swap all the traits around for raids. Then after raiding a bunch, looking through all my trait lines for that one thing I know guardian can do, but don't remember where it was.

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    I do not see it that way. First, if you don't have legendary armor, you have to purchase/craft different sets of armor. Then you have to store it in the limited amount of space in either bags or banks. Legendary armor gives you a convenience advantage regardless of build templates. You look all cool and shiney, like some special little snowflake, plus can change the stats on the armor with alot less cost than it takes to craft multiple sets of ascended or even exotic gear.

    Build templates would benefit the entire player base, or at least 99% of them. Legendary armor benefits what? maybe 10% of the player base that gets a set? We have to be reasonable here. Now if they wated to make the rune swapping on legendary armor free of cost, i'm all for that. But build templates is sorely needed for this game, and everyone, including legendary armor owners, would benefit from that.

  • Did you read the reddit post? They are working to let legendary armor be used.

    Secondly your rage on the whole thing. What are you talking about? By your logic, legendary armor is useless in the game. With or without the template tool, you still need to waste slots for armor/weapons. Or get legendary gear and save space.

    Tldr; being lazy and using tool is literally the same as doing it by hand.

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    When i think of build templates, i think mainly about the traitlines. Equipment, Runes and whatever is changed easy enough, so i wouldn't even need that.
    And since your traits are not saved with your armor, build templates would make sense and won't make legendary armor useless at all.
    And even if the equipment would be saved with the build template, that doesn't mean it would also autoswap runes, sigils and infusions.

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    Legendary Armor is not made useless with this Build Template function, since Legendary Armor is still a Convenience item saving bag space providing every future set of Stats that will be released at no extra cost, no losing old stats if converting etc.

    And as stated above deltaconnected said he will try to work on getting Legendary Armor Functionality but they don't have Legendary Armor to test it.

  • No. Not really.

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    Actually, I think it's the other way round.

    On the build template topic, I think the easiest thing to save is the trait and utility combinaison. Next comes the gear, which comes with 3 difficulties : the stats, the upgrades, and (for weapons) the nature.

    Now, legendary gear is a real convenience system, because (as you're saying) you can switch stats just by selecting in a drop-down menu. So, in my opinion, it'd be far easier to code a build template based on legendary gear, because the stat swapping can be automatized, since it doesn't involve inventory management. Therefore, I can imagine ANet is in a turmoil that may read like : "We must do build template, but we must not do them so that legendary gear's conveniency (and appeal) becomes shaded."

    Next come upgrades swapping, and weapon swapping, which are whole other issues, though.

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