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[EU] Looking for a serious raiding team

I'm a DPS player currently being able to play:

  • Weaver
  • Dragonhunter
  • Soulbeast
  • Renegade

What I'm looking for, is a good static team that would allow me to improve even further as a player.

For the past few weeks getting full clears while having to pug a fair share of the squad has become tiring and prevents me from getting better or actually enjoying the game, therefore I am trying to find a group of people that share the will to improve individually and as a team. By no means am I new to raiding, that's why I'm looking for experienced groups. I am also working on expanding my character list by adding remaining DPS characters and a few support classes in the future. For further information you can either contact me in-game or on discord under Tikson#3007, where I would also be able to provide some logs for those interested.