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Should there be a GW 3?



  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Other (I might explain my preference in the comments)

    @Gianluca.8256 said:
    We need a GW 1.5 with new graphics engine new map new story but same mechanincs, 8 bar skill GvG Arena Heroes' Ascent Heroes etc. It was a better PvP game and also a better PvE World and Story

    I couldn't agree more. :+1:

  • AlexxxDelta.1806AlexxxDelta.1806 Member ✭✭✭
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    Other (I might explain my preference in the comments)

    No, the environment is not ripe for new MMOrpgs right now. The genre itself is on the decline especially in the west. At least not for a MMOrpg with high production standards (like GW2 at launch) that won't devolve into P2W cash grab.

    I couldn't pick the "when the time is right" option, because I have no way to know if that time will ever come again.

  • VDAC.2137VDAC.2137 Member ✭✭✭
    Other (I might explain my preference in the comments)

    No, I have invested too much time and money in GW2. Keep adding to GW2 — mounts were a great addition and fun in all the maps! :) It is a lovely game and I enjoy exploring all the maps.

    I have not been happy about the continual balancing and really, I would like builds and traitlines to be more customizable. Maybe separate off WvW and PvP into their own more limited (buildwise) entity since that’s where all the cries for nerfs come from. When I’m playing PvE, I couldn’t care less if someone else has figured out how to kill monsters faster than me. But that is neither here nor there...

    I probably should have just selected “No” but there is one thing that would entice me to start another MMORPG if I liked the concept, etc. and that would be highly customizable characters with individual stories and interactions as in SWTOR where there were even the story options to play against type: a noble Sith or ruthless Jedi, for example. I actually started GW2 because I thought it might come closest, especially when I saw options to choose between ferocious, noble and charming options. Well, I still enjoy GW2, and especially enjoyed the HoT story as a sylvari.

  • gonzi.7605gonzi.7605 Member ✭✭
    No, it's not needed. GW 2 should just continue with expansions and patches.

    For me - at this point i dont see reason to make GW 3. Let me explain. Gw2 was created around one thing - open as many doors as its possible without closing any of these doors. We can see this in core mechanics like elite specs, expansions, new maps, gear... its all about making another choice/option for player without any limits like "sorry, you have to bought HoT first, then PoF, other way you wont have enought power to kill things in PoF". And it also work in opposite way - even after 10 expansions and whole eq as legendaries... we still will have possibility to come back to Tarir and have great fun with pretty decent loot.

    You see where it going? Even right now we have a lot of things to do, imagine when this game will have like 5 expansions. Thats where WoW failed - Blizzard with every expansion destroy their whole work from before. Lets be honest - Burning Crusade was great expansion... but now we either have no reason to do it, nor fun (one-shot boss with 1 aa as mage, yay), few people do it only for phoenix mount as chore and forget after that.

    Gw2 still look pretty, story is better than ever, people still playing, the game is one of the best in genre (we can argue if its number 1, 2 or 3 - but we all agree that its in top 5 at least along with wow, ff, eso, and i dont know... maybe bdo). So why dont make it last longer? Especially when we got advantage of adding things to do (or new playstyle and mechanics like gliders, mounts) while still EVERYTHING is viable. If you want you can go to Orr doing old, good temples and have a lot of fun without wasting your time (sure, people might say "but in this time you could go farm RIBA/Istan", but while its not the best thing to do we still got SOMETHING valuable from it, same as we would go doing random event from newest map).

    So for me - make it last. At least until the whole genre will get into "next-gen". For now genre have to caught up Gw2 - there is no other game that make such a feeling of living world :)

  • Jasonbdj.4021Jasonbdj.4021 Member ✭✭✭
    No, it's not needed. GW 2 should just continue with expansions and patches.

    The main reason for GW1 > GW2 for a game-play change.

    There were lots of ideas they wanted to add but unable to into GW1 so thats when they decided to create GW2.

    The engine has its down points but still quite decent compare to others. Highly doubt that others would able cope with the calculations that GW2 does efficiently.

    You do have a ability to use d912pxy mod to help with performance issue (if your rig is decent enough).

    Graphics update will only eat up resources which will result much less content due to higher standard they have to maintain.

  • Knighthonor.4061Knighthonor.4061 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Still have parts of GW2 map we havnt been to yet

  • alain.1659alain.1659 Member ✭✭✭
    Other (I might explain my preference in the comments)

    With the communication levels we have, It will be a majpr mistake to even think about gw3. Gw2 is a promising game but it constantly fails to keep up the expectations. It can be so much more.

  • Mil.3562Mil.3562 Member ✭✭✭
    Yes, when the time is right.

    and the time is now?

    Hopfully a new GW3 will bring in new developers, new team, new ideas, new mechanics. GW2 has too many irreversible flaws like bald headed hear gears, undyeable backpack with unchangable stats, undyeable/unchangeable undies, totally imbalance profession skills, too extreme and too much unnecessary nerfs << which everyone should know by now this is ANet balance team only solution to balancing the game, nerf and nerf and nerf everything.

  • Rico.6873Rico.6873 Member ✭✭✭
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    I can't imagine a GW 3 right now. I'm too deep into GW 2.

    Mhh maybe a Guild wars 2/3 where they at least use multi cores instead of single cores plz...

  • Balsa.3951Balsa.3951 Member ✭✭✭

    @Shirlias.8104 said:
    I want gw3 as a post apocalyptic tyria scenario after the death of all dragons.
    Something like Hokuto No Ken, where instead of fighting for skins we are supposed to fight for food and clean water.

    Sounds like my real life now

  • Balsa.3951Balsa.3951 Member ✭✭✭

    If I loose all my progress and need start from zero for gw3 than I just quit mmos. Gw2 is the only game I play. And I reached the QOL bag space legendary gear and other items which make this game more fun to play.

    Giving all up only for an engine which will be outdated 1 year later anyway not really like that idea

  • Jimarius.2843Jimarius.2843 Member ✭✭
    edited May 14, 2019
    Yes, when the time is right.

    A buddy of mine and I started playing GW1 again after 7 years. We both had the same thought: why did we ever stop playing this? GW2 is a great game, rock solid in fact, its just not a very good guild wars game. It has so little in common with the first one. I'd be in favor of a GW3 that looked a lot closer to GW1 in terms of gameplay.

  • Tiviana.2650Tiviana.2650 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Other (I might explain my preference in the comments)

    The only reason i think they should consider gw3 is if they cant update the game as it stands. But honestly if wow can update that game to more modern standards without having to shut the game down and start over GW2 can also. Maybe something that can be rolled out in the expansion . There is no need for a GW3 from a story standpoint all new maps and stories can be added to this game. The engine and graphics and optimization would be the only reason to make a new game. But really they could tweak this one and carry on adding content to it. WoW has been around for a long time, they didnt go out and make wow 2 just to begin adding new worlds, they updated the game and carried on. They have world maps on other planets for crying out loud no need to start a new game.

  • Yes, when the time is right.

    I wasn't playing GW2 so much since HoT, I was just playing to play a bit with my friends and then I stopped playing GW2 a little after HoT released, I haven't even done s3.

    With HoT, the game gave me the feeling it was a game to consume faster and faster, especially with the mastery points system and the story, I wasn't enjoying it anymore, it wasn't fun anymore. The new currencies, the new useless items you don't know what to do with they added each time for each new map made the inventory much more chaostic. The new elite spes made the game so unbalanced and made the combats look even more chaotic : more AOE, more CC, more evade/invulnerability/block/relfection, more teleports, more dashes, more conditions, more condition removals, more healing, ..., and the new visual effects are also too much.

    To me GW2 died with HoT and it is getting worse and worse as time passes.

    GW2 was something magical when it released, but it already wasn't perfect. It didn't gave me the same feeling GW1 did. The combats were already a bit chaotic, but it was ok at this time. You can't create builds like in GW1, you are too limited. They added a stat system and talent tree system like there are in the other MMOs, but the attribute system of GW1 was just perfect and unique...
    And then they added ascended gears and broke their promises (which are somewhat easy to obtain, yes, but still...).

    GW2 PvP is also so far away from the quality of GW1 PvP IMO. The Random Arena as an example was 10x way better than what we have in GW2.

    And even for the graphics/design I prefer GW1. The game art design was better to me. They could have taken the same graphics with updated engine and it would have been perfect. The anatomy was better done, the animations, the poses, the running animations, the dances also. The armor skins were really nice, detailed and unique. When I looked at the GW2 armors my first impression was : it looks like WoW. The charactor creation was limited but you had a bunch of different and cool hairstyles and faces. The spell visuals were also good, it was light, not too much, but it looked nice (I also like the visuals in GW2 btw).
    Not to mention GW2 optimization...

    GW2 can't change to become what it should have been, it's too late. IMO they should have done GW3 already and not those GW2 expansions.
    They should do GW3, but keeping GW1 in mind this time with the good original ideas of GW2 (personnal story, dynamic events that change the world, dungeon paths).

  • Alin.2468Alin.2468 Member ✭✭✭
    No, it's not needed. GW 2 should just continue with expansions and patches.

    Guild Wars 2 is a nice game as it is, it just needs a huge expansion just for PvP with big balances and lots of new modes. That side of the game was completely left aside; it's now poor and abandoned (even by ESL since 2016) and it deserves some respect and attention too.

    One man's trash is another man's treasure.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Other (I might explain my preference in the comments)

    After this episode, I can't wait to see where our next adventure is taking us! :) Who needs a GW3 at this point, really? ;)

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