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[NA][PvX]Casual Weekday Warrior

Haven't playing in a long time, since season 2 at least. Things just got in the way after college I guess. I just bought the collection and with Pool coming in wanted to level another character and explore all the new stuff.

I've never been too serious about the game and don't even have a focus really. I just logged on and played. Lately I've actually been doing spvp while I decide what I want to level.

I have no experience with raids or fractals but am willing to learn. I like the idea of WvWvW but in my experience it's been frustrating and not very fun.

My biggest hurdle right now is my schedule. I work weekends and generally have Tuesday and Wednesday off. This makes it tough for me to make things like guild missions on Friday and Saturday. I was hoping to find some players that played on weekdays.

I'm open to just about anything and am willing to transfer for WvWvW if the server isn't full. Thanks for reading.

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