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So I wanna get into Raiding and I have a question.

So I have dabbled a bit in Raiding when HoT came out but nothing really interested me or enticed me into going full on into it. With Wing 5 theres some stuff im actually interested in and wanted to know. What are the current most used profession builds in raiding that I should be gearing for right now?


    Nearly everything you find there is very useful and efficient in raids.
    If you are looking for professions and builds that are useful is EVERY (or most) raid encounters and universally sought after, I would recommend a healing druid, commander chronomancer, berserker weaver and berserker dragonhunter.
    Druid and DH are fairly simple and better suited for new players. Chronomancer and weaver have more complex rotations and mechanics, so only go for those if you have decent experience in endgame PvE or you don't mind a challenge.

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