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Soulless Horror -> Pushing Golems

Hey :)

Quite a few lfg-squads seem to fail at this, mainly because too many are focusing on it.

If you for example, push at the same time with Wild Blow and druid lb4, it can happen that the golem gets stuck or, worse, doesnt get pushed at all -> wasted 2 push skills.

Chrono veils being used after Golem was already pushed out, due to the "casttime".

Random pushes out of group back to mid because wild blow/glyph was used at a bad angle.

And so on.

So... what Ive seen work quite well... is putting down marks in four corners of the platform (NE, NW, SE, SW) and then let the chrono pull towards the closest mark, with druid/power slb using lb4 on quickdraw 2 times to throw off the platform. Epidemic is kinda needed if you dont have a dedicated pusher, otherwise golem will just wander back. Power slb with 2x lb can kill the golem alone, if you want an alternative to running with scourge. Both works just as well.

If your warrior ABSOLUTELY wants to push with wild blow, then let him push after chrono pull, with druid finishing off with lb4. But keep in mind, the more people push/pull, the higher the chance for golem getting stuck or pulled back or pushed randomly somewhere on the platform.



  • savacli.8172savacli.8172 Member ✭✭✭

    Even when my group had dedicated pushers I can't tell you the number of times I saw the Golem just flop because it got clipped by another CC. Given the visual noise I couldn't make out the exact skill that caused the flop by my guess is that Tides of Time was involved. But yeah, I agree that a little bit of attention and management will make for consistent bumps on the Golem. Just soooooooooo frustrating!

  • Yasi.9065Yasi.9065 Member ✭✭✭

    Avatar 3 stops golem push dead in its tracks, so might have been that also.

  • Avster.1935Avster.1935 Member ✭✭
    edited December 7, 2017

    The off-tank should always be in control of the tormented dead (golem), so they should be off group when they are not tanking. They can then focus pull it further out, or have a warrior run up to the off-tank and do a wild blow if need be, for example.

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