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(NA) Looking For A Guild

I am a clueless/solo player because my fellow guildies left the game after HOT. What I'm looking for is a guild that is willing to accept an older ( cough cough) not perfect gamer but willing to try and I can rep 100%. I don't do raids, PVP just the awesome open world. I have 10 level 80's, lots of time (EST east coast). Downfall is I can't use Discord or the like, where I game is a room I can't use them....sorry. Gee, looking at this post I think if I was a guild leader I would run fast away from me. Oh and I am Tarnished Coast and do play EOTM


  • Hi Whitz! I am squeaks, recruitment officer for the GW2 division of Remnants of Hope. We are a multi game community that has been around since 2009. We are always recruitment for GW2 and looking for new, existing and returning players. We would love for you to check us out. You can find our full recruitment post --> here and instructions for applying -->Here I hope you'll check us out!

  • Hi Whitz, there is certainly a guild for you. :) You can also check out MadCast , another multi-game community, established 2007. We used to have a very large active GW2 presence, but that ended mid-late Living Story Season 1, and now I'm rebuilding it. I myself mainly enjoy open-world PvE content, though I occasionally zerg around in WvW and enjoy some dungeons, etc now and then. There is no application process to join the guild, though if you'd like to become a Full Member of the wider MadCast community there is a whole process with that. Message me in game or here if you'd like to try us out and find out more. ^^ You can read our recruitment thread here.

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