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[Spoilers] GW1 Heroes and Henchmen, where are they now?

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So after playing through PoF and Daybreak and meeting some familiar faces and names, I got curious if there was a complete list somewhere that displays the current known (or unknown) status for each Hero and Henchie, but didn't find one on the wiki or otherwise. Is there one? Otherwise, mind if you help me out?

These are the ones I'm most interested in or already know about, but if you know any other, please share :)

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@Konig Des Todes.2086 said:
To the best of my knowledge:

Ascalon's Chosen:
* Devona: Died, her soul went to Fissure of Woe, she joined the Eternals, and became the Herald of Balthazar, where we kill her.
* Mhenlo: Last seen as Shing Jea Monastery's new Headmaster, and just proposed to Cynn. Unclear if he returned to Tyria, I'd bet no.
* Cynn: Unknown. My guess? Cantha with Mhenlo.
* Eve: Unknown. Adam is now a focus we can find though.
* Aidan: Married Zho from Cantha, settled in Kryta until death. Has descendant Noran.

Other Prophecies Henchmen:
* Little Thom - Died, buried in Granite Citadel.
* Stefan Baruch - Ruled Grendich Courthouse until the Foefire, is now a ghost there. Has a descendant, Kenden Baruch, living in Rurikton.
* Reyna Sandor - Died, buried in Granite Citadel. Has a descendant, Lyren Sandor, living in Rurikton.
* Alesia Baptiste - Died, buried in Granite Citadel. Has a descendant, Aleria Baptiste, living in Rurikton.
* Lina - Unknown.
* Claude - Unknown.
* Dunham - Unknown.
* Orion Elek - Unknown. Has a descendant, Aquila Elek, living in Rurikton.

"Prophecies" Heroes
* Olias - Unknown.
* M.O.X. - Returned to Zinn after GW1, went to Rata Arcanum where our GW2 PC found them and took them home to keep the cats company.
* Kieran Thackeray - Died, likely buried in Ebonhawke but unclear. Has obvious descendant Logan Thackeray.

Eye of the North Heroes
* Gwen - Died, buried in Ebonhawke, her ghost went to the Ice Wastes. Has obvious descendant Logan Thackeray.
* Pyre - Died, his granddaughter is the infamous Kalla Schorchrazor
* Jora - Died, had a descendant, Jhavi Jorasdottir, who is a major figure in the Vigil.
* Ogden Stonehealer - Eventually underwent Rite of the Great Dwarf, now works with and alives among the Durmand Priory.
* Livia - Found the Scepter of Orr and studied its magic for longevity. Stepped down from Master Exemplar and now works as a regular but highly respected Exemplar.
* Vekk - Unclear, I recall an interview stating he died in a lab accident though.
* Anton - Died, buried in NE Gendarran Fields outside the norn arena area.
* Xandra - Unknown.
* Hayda - Unknown.
* Kahmu - Unknown.

Nightfall Henchmen
* Timera - Unknown, but has a mini and a named weapon.
* Abasi - Unknown, but has a mini and a named weapon.
* Kihm - Unknown.
* Odurra - Unknown, but has a mini and a named weapon.
* Herta - Joined the Zephyrites and later the Exalted. Is now a bloodstone dust gobbling head, because we're too cruel to give her a new body.
* Sogolon - Unknown, but has a mini and a named weapon.
* Gehraz - Unknown.

Nightfall Heroes
* Goren - Unknown. Dialogue in Destiny's Gorge makes it sound that one of the refugee families are descended from Goren (Halha and her father).
* Koss - Married Melonni and had kids. 17 years after Nightfall, he led a contigent of Sunspears with Lonai to assault the Bone Palace. He was slain and made Awakened and eventually exiled himself to an isolated cave in Istan. Has descendant Redeemer Kossan. Dialogue in Destiny's Gorge makes it sound that one of the refugee families are also descended from Koss and Melonni.
* Acolyte Jin - Unknown. Some players theorize she's the first Soulbeast talked about by Ebelek Eze. I'm unconvinced ("she heard of the vast deserts of Elona, so she journeyed here to challenge herself" doesn't sound like Jin, who was focused not on challenging herself but to ensure she was never caught off-guard by enemies).
* Margrid the Sly - Died. Her descendants run The Slys corsair crew still, who work for the highest bidder.
* Dunkoro - Died, his spirit remained in Tyria to help the ghosts trapped in the Desolation find peace and sanctuary against Joko, vowed not to rest until Joko is dethroned.
* Tahlkora - Became Spearmarshal after Kormir (given Koss's story and her age, likely not immediately - there was probably one other Spearmarshal between her and Kormir who thought Joko wasn't a threat), led Sunspears against Joko and was eventually killed, Awakened, and left immobile in the wilderness of Vabbi.
* Master of Whispers aka Jurai - Unknown. Likely retired and died. He was quoted for Kormir's statue in Divinity's Reach.
* Norgu - Unknown. His troupe, the Lyssan Fools, has remained active over the centuries.
* Acolyte Sousuke - Remained in Elona and learned from the djinn to become the first Weaver.
* Zhed Shadowhoof - Unknown. Likely killed when Joko invaded Kourna.
* General Morgahn - Unknown.
* Melonni - Married Koss after NF and had kids, unknown fate. Likely died after raising kids. Has descendant Redeemer Kossan. Dialogue in Destiny's Gorge makes it sound that one of the refugee families are also descended from Koss and Melonni.
* Razah - Unknown.

"Factions" Heroes
* Miku - Unknown.
* Zenmai - Unknown.
* Zei Ri - Unknown.

Factions Henchmen
* Lukas - Unknown.
* Seaguard Eli - Unknown.
* Talon Silverwing - Descendant led tengu through risen's naval forces.
* Aurora - Unknown.
* Daeman - Unknown.
* Yuun - Unknown.
* Zho - Got down with Aidan and settled in Kryta. Dead.
* Danika - Unknown.
* Jamei - Unknown.
* Redemptor Karl - Unknown.
* Seaguard Gita - Unknown.
* Sister Tai - Unknown.
* Taya - Unknown.
* Su - Unknown.
* Erys Vasburg - Unknown.
* Lo Sha - Unknown.
* Seaguard Hala - Unknown.
* Argo - Unknown.
* Headmaster Vhang - Unknown.
* Kai Ying - Unknown.
* Kisai - Unknown.
* Emi - Unknown.
* Mai - Unknown.
* Nika - Unknown, but she has a Mist Champion copy.
* Panaku - Unknown.
* Aeson - Unknown.
* Chiyo - Unknown.
* Professor Gai - Unknown.


  • Gwen: Ancient Spirit wandering around in the new raid.

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    Acolyte Sousuke : mentionned as being the first weaver, having learned from the Djinns how to split his focus.

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    Two other heroes - norgu and goren. Think norgu gets a nod in vabbi iirc

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    Not sure how useful, but Eve's focus 'Adam' is a skin which you can get.

    They also mention that Koss, was married to Melonni and they had children.

    Pyre Fierceshot is deceased and his descendant was Kalla Schorchrazor, the famous renegade that helped unshackle the High Legions from the Flame Legion.

    Jora is deceased, but she has numerous statues (and even Grawl cult following) across the shiverpeaks, and she has a descendant alive now (Jhavi Jorasdottir).

    Little Thom, Alesia and Reyna (Prophecies henchmen) have their graves in the ruins of the Granite Citadel.

    Stefan Baruch (a henchman in Prophecies) is a now a Foefire ghost.

    Aiden has a descendant called Noran in the Lake Doric. Not sure if he has a marked grave though.

    These are the ones from the top of my head.

    Edit: Not sure if Koss had children. I vaguely remember something about it, but can't find a source.
    Edit 2: Found the source.

  • Personally, I'd err on the side of 'dead until proven otherwise' for human characters, not 'unknown', but...

    Alesia, Orion, Stefan, and Reyna also all have living descendants.

    One of Talon Silverwing's descendants led the tengu migration to the Dominion of Winds.

    Noran may or may not also be a descendant of Zho.

    Herta apparently became an Exalted, and then a disembodied Exalted head that feeds on bloodstone dust.

    Vekk's been confirmed dead (or at least, he's spoken of exclusively in the past tense in the latest patch).

    Anton is dead and buried, but his ghost still haunts the fighting pit in Gendarran.

    Keiran is also one of Logan's ancestors.

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    I believe that you can meet Anton as a ghost in Gendarra Fields, in the renown hearts where you fight beasts, to the right there is a tomb you can interact with to summon him.... And he dress like a thief so I bet he is our hero from eye of the north ;)

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    Changed "Uknown" to "Assumed dead".

  • Dashiva.6149Dashiva.6149 Member ✭✭✭

    @Konig Des Todes.2086 said:
    Bunch of info.

    Well, that answers my questions!! :D

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    More on Norgu: He wrote one play, which I believe can be found in the Durmand Priory archives. Also his troupe, the Lyssan Fools, still practice in the Garden of Seborhin. His exact fate, though, remains unknown.

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    As honored as I would be to have a character named after my nickname somewhere in Tyria (and be a member of the Order of Shadows, even!), the descendant of Koss and Melonni is actually called Redeemer Kossan, not Kossage. Unfortunately Kossan has some unfortunate implications in Swedish slang, but other than that, it was nice to see Koss's descendant have a name reminiscent of the famed warrior. Kossan also has all those race-specific dialogue options (from what I could see when chatting with him as a charr and a sylvari, at least) and even a fun Macbeth reference, which was a nice surprise to discover while exploring the Desolation. :)

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    Wow. You actually knew more than i did regarding what happens too gw1 characters.

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    Updated Kossans name, and added the Lyssan Fools to Norgu.

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