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Wintersday Art Creators: Let's see your stuff!

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~Cross posted, but for a good reason! (See end section about art!)~

Word has rung out, from Salma District to the Western Commons, from Lion's Arch to Istan and beyond: The traditional and much-loved Wintersday Festival will begin on Tuesday, December 12th, and run until Tuesday, January 2nd.

Prepare your seasonal beverages, don some warm woolen slippers, and prepare yourself to take on Toypocalypse, Tixx's Infinirarium, and that blasted...err... beloved Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle. Don't forget to chill out in Snowball Mayhem, and chime in with the Bell Choir Ensemble.

It's sure to be a season to remember, so join us any time over the three-week span of the event!

Note: I'll be looking here on the forums, in this Community Creations subforum, and on the GW2 Tumblr page, for Wintersday art. I need to gather by December 13th, so consider creating even now and sharing it on our pages!

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