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QoL: getting out of vortexes (for low FPS people)

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The famous vortex attack. First seen only by the three generals of mordremoth, now all priests of Joko regularly cast it.
The problem is, your character is drawn into the gravity, and the closer you are at the centre the more likely it will instantly kill you.
Now for me, and probably a bunch of others, the high graphical effect and motion drops our fps to below 1. Yes.. that's possible.....
But for that reason i want to suggest a new skill:
LeyLine Anchor.
The special action key appears when you're drawn by the vortex. Pressing it will anchor you down for 2 seconds in exchange of 50% endurance. So you effectively change dodging out to surviving, at the same endurance cost.
Does anyone else see something in this?

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