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NA/BG[Raid][SPvP][WvW] [NOYP]Guild Recruiting.

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Tired of a Guild that say’s ‘we are active’ but dies eventually in the long run, leaving you behind?
Then look no further!! NOYP GUILD is recruiting active players, Both veterans and freshies are welcome to apply!
We are an All PINOY Guild based in NA servers and has been in the game for about 3 years and working non stop towards Guiding other Filipino players around the globe.
We specialise in Fractal runs. weekly fun Guild Missions, PVX mentoring and legit Raid training runs.
We admins believe that Quality is better than Quantity and you have to keep in mind ‘United we stand! Divided we fall!’
NOYP offers a full leveled guild hall equipped with maximum ore nodes that you can gather daily.
We offer random events both in-game and social media that rewards you with in game currency, and cash shop
We also have our Annual NOYP PVP Tournament that rewards the champion with a legendary weapon, precursors and gold for runner up and much more.
What do we need from you?
We require strict 90% representation of the guild (it has perks)
You need to be strong at heart cos we're tough.

Wait for one of our admins to invite you on teamspeak for verification (Teamspeak is retro it's YOLO)
Alternatively you can whisper any noyp players you see around or the following
HyunWookLee.8731 // jean.1587 // rexel.4192 // Kulayan.8154 // lance.1287 in game!


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