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Scribing- Craft Player Statues

I thought this might be a cool idea dont know if the devs will actually consider it, but just like in PVP you win the tournament , why can't scribes craft player statues for their guild hall as well? And they can craft different sizes. And when crafted it will show the last known weapon set in their main hand. And you can craft detailed statues so they dont always look like stone, they look like your actual player. What ya'll think? Yay or Nay ?


  • Crafting a statue of a certain person probably wouldn't work due to how the item system work and how the placement storage work and such.
    But a statue plinth that you then edit, like a sign, to get a statue of a player could probably work.
    It would need some UI updates to make players selectable and it would probably have to be restricted to guild members only for the sake of mechanics.
    But it could be a pretty neat idea.

  • yea , or a booth or something that registers players so they can be sculpted into a statue.

  • Also being able to choose which stance is crafted as well, like salute , cheer, no , crossarms etcetera

  • I think with this being introduced into pvp, I think this is a great idea for guild halls.

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