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New Team (Molon Labe Na)(CATI) Looking for Gold 3 or Higher Players

Hello All,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I've been unsatisfied with ranked matchmaking , and haven't had much success or enjoyment using LFG for the automated tournaments. I'm putting together a guild (team) which will focus on the sPvP automated tournaments. Eventually I'd like us all to move to the same server and also do WvW roaming as well. We are looking for about 10-15 players to join my guild so that we always have enough players online to do the tourneys. This also gives us a good number of players to eventually roam with, while still keeping the team at a very intimate and manageable size. We are looking for or considering these classes:

-Support Firebrand
-Condi Mesmer
-Glint/Shiro Revenant

In addition to your strongest and main class, it is strongly preferred that you can competently play 1-2 of the other classes listed. Discord and a working headset are mandatory, players must be active, and they must be willing to dedicate time to practicing, strategizing, and participating in a number of the automated tournaments.

I'm really excited to start meeting some of you who are competitive players and who are looking for some of the same things out of GW2 PvP as I am. Once again, we are primarily interested in only Gold 3 or higher players who have played over 75 games this season. If you feel that you are a very strong player that has been unlucky with matchmaking this season, and if you are gold 1 or gold 2, feel free to get in touch and I will still consider you for a spot on the team.

Feel free to post here with any questions or comments, or contact me in game @ uMHsU.7684


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  • Hello. im soulbeast main bouncing between top 100 -200. Im interesting in joining your team

  • @Vahriin.5438 Hey there, thanks for the interest. Do you by chance have any experience playing support druid? Are you experienced with any other builds in PvP? Regardless, I'd love to speak with you in game so that both of us can exchange more information. Please add me to your friends list and message me in game the next time you see me online!

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