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my api key is broken

for some reasons I can not create a propper working api key, for example to use in gw2efficiency.
When I create a api key (no matter what options I seleckt), gw2efficiency gets me an error:
This API key is not valid or the GW2 API is currently not available.
I have this problem for a while and it gets more and more annyoing.
Also other sides like ge2raidar do not work with my api key.

I already had a ticket open to that, but they could not help me and suggested that I ask here in the forum.
Do you have any idea what the problem is, or what might help?



  • delete all and generate a new one. That fixed it for me.

  • hmm ok, that is soo weirr.
    Thats exactly what they said when I opend the ticket, and of course I did it and it did NOT help.
    I just deleted all again and now it works.

    so problem solver, thx :D