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How can the shortbow be improved?

Cyrin.1035Cyrin.1035 Member ✭✭✭
edited December 12, 2017 in Revenant

The Shortbow Renagade really enhanced the Rev for me. With Shiro Invocation it's incredibly fast and deadly. But I still hear complaints about it in general. How can the shortbow be improved in each mode in your opinion?


  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    It needs two things:

    1) It does not need 4 skills to deal damage. Beside the aa and skill 5, one of the other 3 skills should become a mobility/evade skill. Kind like Ranger Sb. The damage should be divided among the remaining skills. In my opinion 7 shot is the most ripe for that.

    2) Damage skills need to be able to hit consistently. Currently skills 3 and 4 struggle to hit anything beside stationary targets in PvE. And skill 2 has problems tracking moving targets. This makes it a no go in PvP (among other renegade issues) and annoyingly to play even in open world PvE.

  • How to improve it (functionality, not numbers) :
    Skill 1 (AA) : Okay for me, no change needed.

    Skill 2 :

    • Arrows miss moving targets and ground/obstacles prevent from hitting.
      = Change positioning of the portals from which the arrows come out : All in the back of our foe and slightly upper his head for arrows to not miss (arrows from side often miss their target) and to not be blocked by ground.

    Skill 3 :

    • Arrows are cancelled if they appear on a wall when we fight in a corridor so only 1 or 2 arrows travels to their target.
    • Arrows follows the ground, so they often go in an obstacle and miss target.
      = Change positioning of the portals from which the arrows come out : In a vertical semicircle around us, allowing to fire in small area. Strike a less large area but enemies in front of us will receive more hits.

    Skill 4 :

    • Hard to land because is slow and have a small radius.
      = Change burning condition to chill and fire combo field to ice : "Slow" + "Chilled" would prevent our foe to leave the aoe too soon. Lost burning damage but gain a synergy with Corruption trait line (torment + poison).
      = Allow player to fire without need of line of sight.

    Skill 5 :
    In exchange for a mobility/evade skill, transform the knockdown in a knockback : Allow us to keep ours distances with our targets and we don't lose a breakbar skill.

    All skills : need a little boost to the cast time.

    Devs don't care at all about Renegade or the sb so I don't expect them to change anything or even come here. But somewhere within my heart I still have hope.... I think.

  • Like the other shortbow, it should have 1 skill that give evade.

    Also the #4 skill is ridiculous, every skills of other classes can use at any direction they want, but Revenant the mistwalker of all people can't do the same thing that other scrubs can do ?

  • turn it into a longbow

  • i agree long bow that stuff and take out skill 4 make it an evade . skill 3 make it more narrow so more hits go through. i can work with the other stuff .

  • Buran.3796Buran.3796 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Cyrin.1035 said:
    How can the shortbow be improved in each mode in your opinion?

    To me the fastest way to improve the short bow is to salvage it and use the materials to partially fund the crafting of something more useful, as a second underwater spear :3 .

  • Short bow should stay.

    short bow skills adjustment suggestions:

    General note – range should be increased from 900 to 1000
    1. Shattershot – explosion should be increased from 120 to 140 and increase damage
    2. Blood Bane Path - The arrows should path similar to guardians scepter auto attack, but should much fast to look more like they only fly straight. However, the arrows should start 100 units from the target and end 100 units on the other side, so basically covering every 60 degree angle and damaging any other foe within that radius. This also states these are barbed arrows, so should they cause cripple or explode at the end of their path with a 60 radius? similar to shattershot
    3. 7 shot - should be more like the mordrem husk attack where it leaves a damage effect(s) on the ground for 5-7 seconds which gives torment and/or slow
    4. Spirit crush – I would like to see this as an immobilize or knockdown(kind of goes with the crush name) instead of slow with reduced activation
    5. Scorchrazor – needs to travel faster and fire 3 waves that knock back at a 900 range (I did this on purpose so it doesn't knock them out of range for your other attacks) instead of only 1 that knocks down and this needs to be a targeted skill - not manually directional, which would help people to not firing the skill when they aren't in range. As a large #5 skill it is really lack luster for how easy it is to dodge or side step to avoid. So if you run behind your friend you could put them in harms way.

    Everyone says it needs an evade, but I think it needs to be more about crowd control and keeping the enemies distance, similar to that of the utility skills. The utilities need to have more traits that address crowd control. Currently, each utility has a 360 radius, but a 600 range for damage. The current trait 'All for one', grants protection in the 360 radius. Another trait should be a push or knockback to keep enemies out of the 360 radius, sort of like the tengu champ skill in the desert boarder lands air keep.

  • jaif.3518jaif.3518 Member ✭✭✭

    Skill 4 - faster, crisper.
    Skill 2 - torment, not bleed. Stacking Bleed is nearly worthless.

    Skill 3 - rework for utility, not damage.

    There are many approaches, but I think this is the easiest.

  • Skill 2 reworked into a backwards jump through the mists type thing that puts you 900 range from your target.

    Skill 3 cast time needs to be a lot faster, fix its incredible bugginess where if you are on anything but perfectly flat terrain half the arrows just sort of vanish.

    Skill 4 cast time greatly increased, needlessly long delay from cast to the arrows actually falling removed. Also reduce the CD by 1 second to match skill 3. These seem meant to be combo'd together, since you first drop the fire field and then 7 shot through it for some projectile combo burn procs, but it just feels bad having to wait a couple extra seconds for sb 4 to come off CD. If you don't like having two skills with the same CD, then switch 3 and 4 around so the fire field, the one you use first, has the shorter CD.

    Skill 5 increase the cast speed.

    Also some straight up damage increases across the board, because currently, difficulty to land the skills aside, even if you hit everything perfectly on a stationary target the damage sucks.

    Btw why are you using shiro and sb? You are doing far less damage than if you used demon stance and mace/axe. Just far less.

  • Set.7461Set.7461 Member ✭✭✭
    1. Skill 1 needs a speed increase. 1/4 sec like every other SB in the game.
    2. Skill 2 needs to track like guardian scepter or a speed increase. Simply OOC walking will cause arrows to miss.
    3. Skill 3 needs the beta revert(point black-900 range focused shot) and an evade. Preferably a jump back evade or better yet, a "mist-style" teleport(for flavor) away from where you're shooting.
    4. Skill 4 needs faster speed and the ability to use it behind you. So much for a specialization weapon called "guerilla arc" when you can't even do guerilla tactics. Ohh, the enemy is 181 degrees from my field of view? Can't use it!
    5. Skill 5 needs a speed increase. Feels like the enemy sees it as a slow jump rope and hop(dodge) over it with ease.