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Streamlining The Inventory

Kovu.7560Kovu.7560 Member ✭✭✭✭

I have some thoughts on steamlining drops to help micromanage WvW inventory clutter on the go and in general:

  • Killed enemies or NPCs that drop specific equipment should instead drop the equivalent Unidentified Gear.
  • Embroidered Belt Pouches to drop Masterwork or Rare Unidentified Gear, (unless they drop a named exotic,) in addition to their resource drops.
  • Loot Boxes and other items providing non-named gear via reward track advancement should instead drop the equivalent Unidentified Gear.
  • Un-account bind traps & tricks. There's no economical reason for these items to be account bound.

Introduce a World Ability Point Economy Management reward track that would unlock several options specifically for wvw.

  • Create a separate Tab/Sidebar in the inventory for WvW-related items, such as siege blueprints and traps & tricks. It wouldn't hurt to bake the Permanent Portable Provisioner item and its benefits into that tab, as well.
  • Automatically sell junk items at their value upon aquire. (Such as spikes and dandelion blossoms.)
  • Automatically have the contents of any account bound item, (such as a bags of coins, embroidered belt pouches or loot boxes with no selectable items via reward tracks,) opened and contents placed in your inventory/bank.
  • Reveal an option in the Game Menu > Options > General Options menu that would automatically open non-account bound items that drop strictly materials, gold or other currencies such as Heavy Loot Bags upon acquiring them. This would need to be optional.
  • Autoloot should probably relocate here, as I'm sure down the road the option to purchase Path of Fire recipes, sigils and runes will be added to the Provisions Master reward track.

I would be interested in hearing further thoughts and feedback.

~ Kovu

Ranger main before it was viable.
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