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Rework weapon specific traits

I posted this as feedback in the Wintersday Balance Update: Feedback Thread -

Would like to hear your thoughts about this idea (not ranger specific):

Get rid of all weapon specific traits!
Traits should be general purpose imho (think back if you will on the old trait system in Beastmastery for rangers, it was terrible).

I'll leave you with one example, and idea on rework:

Two-Handed Training (ranger, beastmastery)
Current: Greatsword and spear damage is increased, and those skills recharge faster. Greatsword and spear attacks have a chance to grant fury on hit.
Suggestion: Weapon skills recharge faster, and attacks have a chance to grant fury on hit.



  • santso.9201santso.9201 Member ✭✭✭

    Then we have pure garbage traits like strider's defense for sword which never gets picked because it servers no purpose. one thing is also traitlines like skirmishing is trying to decide whether its going to serve as condi or power line. one change id like to see is if they wont do that change for two-handed training, they could rename it and make it include sword as well (make it blade training or something).

    Also, axemastery gm could be changed to give that ferocity buff after using beast skill(similiar to other 2 gm's that proc from petswap or beast skill).
    marksmanship is a mess for pve after the patch, its going to need more viable options for dps.

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