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[EU] LF Social Guild

Hi, I'm a pretty experienced player with a full ascended character looking for a guild to play with. I'm not concerned about the achievements of the guild but the community. I'd like to join a small to medium sized guild with an atmosphere where all members know each other, and can joke around without offending each other whilst being respectful. Reason is because in big guilds most members feel too intimidated to speak and never get to really feel like they are in a guild. So I'm looking for a guild which regularly talks on teamspeak/discord even when they are not necessarily doing events. I don't really care about high level fractals and insane raids but I would like to have some events from time to time such as medium fractals, meta events, guild raids etc. But overall just a guild where members feel like they're in a guild. I look forward to exploring Path of Fire with you guys!


  • Yo us at Discography would love to have you. we are a new guild that wants to help players who haven't played parts of they game they want to like raids or WvW. Reping isn't required. we also like to chat about anything and everything, especially music. and yes we won't be offended by what you have to say. We talk via discord. If your'e interested mail me in game.

  • I have set up a discord channel (text) to chat about GW2 and get to know players when offline. Since I am working during the day and have limited game time I don't really have time socializing ingame, too busy trying to get things done when I am playing, so I like to chat when I am not playing. Feel free to join the discord channel and we can chat and plan and meet ingame :)