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OCE/SEA Spellbreaker LF Team (Gold3/Plat1)

Hi there. I'm looking for a team or PvP-focused guild on NA to run ATs with. I have Discord, TeamSpeak, and a functioning mic. I'm active during OCE/SEA Primetime (that's GMT+8 evenings).

I run meta builds on all my characters. I main Spellbreaker (meta Demolisher GS/Dagger+Shield), but also frequently use Holosmith (Marauder Rifle) and Firebrand (Mantra Bunker). I have all 9 professions on my account and am happy to learn whatever role is needed.

I'm currently Gold 3, have climbed to Plat 1 on several occasions and don't have an inflated opinion of my own skills -- I'm in it to learn as much as anything, but would like a supportive environment to do that in.

Shoot me a mail at Slate.5829 to get in touch.


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