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Returning player LF NA Guild

Used to play a lot of GW2 when it came out, and picked it back up sort of after HoT released, but unfortunately never got around to joining a good, social guild who kind of like to do it all and hang out. I feel like this game would be far better if I had some folks to play with, so here I am.

I have all of my characters on Tarnished Coast, which is a Lvl 80 Berserker, Engineer, and Ranger. I've done all the original world content, dabbled into some PVP, haven't touched the end game PVE stuff yet. I do enjoy PVPing, but only with a group, and I am open to also doing fractals etc. My timezone is CST, and usually do not get a chance to hop on until later in the evenings, but I am on everyday consistently for the most part.

Just PM/Add me in game, or shoot me a message on Discord: Cybrex#6165



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