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[EU] [Nice] Raid group looking for one member

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We Get Sheet Done [Nice]

Good day fellow Guild Wars 2 players! I came here today in search for one more member for our guild roster.

[Nice] is an EU raiding guild consisting of highly experienced players – a lot of us been playing since initial raids release (and some since GW2 release) – focusing on weekly raid clears and achievements, including challenge motes. Even though we highly value personal player skills we especially value friendly and fun atmosphere in our runs over anything else.

I’ll say it straight – if you’re not a fan of random trash-talk, jokes and memes OR if any of that stuff distracts you from raid encounters (yep, I know a few people who can’t concentrate on encounters while listening to TS, imagine that!) – it is time to leave this topic and forget about it as we are not the guild you are looking for. We do like to joke around and chat a lot on the teamspeak as we raid since not falling asleep is the real challenge on some of the encounters.

[Nice] guild was started at the release of the Bastion of the Penitent raid wing. Guild roster was filled by our fellow raiders from different raiding guilds. In first two weeks we managed to clear all w4 bosses on challenge difficulties and been clearing all wings on a weekly basis since then, without skipping a single reset. We intend to continue our runs and clear all future raids and their challenge motes as well. We also do help out our new members and clear older wings CMs and achievments every now and then if someone missed those.

Our roster is pretty flexible due to all members having multiple geared and raid-playable classes and theoretically we could accept any class with any level of gear, but since we want to keep that flexibility we do require you to have multiple playable classes properly geared for raids.

I’ll leave the details for our interview later, but shortly – we are currently looking for someone who could perform well on a Druid and preferably support Renegade, and can fill-in cDPS and pDPS roles depending on the wing/setup we will go for. Having any extra raid-ready characters is also a big plus but certainly isn’t a must.

Currently we raid every Wednesday and Thursday @ 19:00 UTC for ~2-3 hours. Wednesday is a temporary extra day until we wrap up with CMs and other stuff from the new wing (w5) so we don't miss out anything.

One more important thing which you probably should have expected by now – you have to be able to listen AND speak in English in our TS3 which we use for our runs as communication is the key to memes success. If that is something you cannot do – unfortunately we’re not the group you are looking for.

So if you are still reading this, interested and want to try joining our roster or ask some more questions – go PM me or any of our officers right now! either here or in-game:

  • Wiella: Wiella.8567
  • Susi: Niela.1935

We will contact you as soon as possible.