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[NA][RAID][W5 Progression]

Looking for 2 more to join our team of 10 experienced raiders.

We organize thru discord weekly, no rep required.
Mandatory Raid time: Tuesday reset +:30, (W5 progression)

Candidate player must:
-be team player
-have discord
-be quick to pick up new boss mechanics
-be proficient on main professions (minimum one support, one power dps, one condi dps)
--support prof. will be evaluated on subgroup buffs (alacrity, quickness, gotl, goe, keeping people alive, and might)
--dps prof. will be evaluated for damage contribution, cc and skill rotation (must hit 90% of golem benchmarks on chosen profession)
--be proficient on minimum one support prof (chrono, druid, ps) and one dps

Please note:
We do not have capacity to train you on how to get the most out of your main professions.
No gearing requirement as we require you to pull proper numbers based on your chosen role.

We do not require a guild slot and organize completely in discord.

Send me mail in-game in interested.

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