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[NA] Looking for a casual guild in Dragonbrand!

Hi all! Im sort of a returning player(i think? haha) i used to play pre HoT for abit till like maybe 40lvl ish but stopped and i came back to play after reading how awesome path of fire is! I've been having a blast just doing hearts/vista/point of interests around so far. So im actually looking for a guild that fits me!

Im a rather casual player situated in gmt + 8 area and usually play in the night, maybe 8pm ish onwards and can usually play at least a 2-4 hours daily, Im currently lvling a necro (cant wait for reaper/scourge!) at the moment and im actually quite interested into going fractals, pvp and WvW when im good enough! Looking for a friendly and casual guild that i can call home to! Thanks for reading!


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    if you are 8 gmt, come to nsp, we need coverage at sea time. also i run 2pm server time or 10pm plus 8 gmt.

    if you want to know more, pm me. - slayers xd

    Not Even Coverage is the Only broken thing in WVW.

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