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[ EU] Infinite: PvE/PvP/Raid Guild Recruitment

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                                                                                                                 INFINITE GUILD

[Attributes Of A Quality Member]

Positive and Constructive Play Style
Team/Guild First Mentality
Highly Active
Fun To Play With
Willing To Learn
Able To Take The Initiative
Can Give/Receive Constructive Criticism In A Respectful Manner
Leaves Personal Issues Out Of Game


Raid/Fractals Domination
Fast Crafting Progression
Strong PvP Tactics/Strategies/Build Compositions
Strong, Dedicated, and Proven Leadership Team
Long-term, Player Driven Guild
Worldwide Timezone Presence – Around The Clock Groups


Very Knowledgable in Reference to In-game Content
Leadership/Players With Years Of GW2 Experience
Consistent Raid/Fractal Runs Without Dieing
Multiple Successful PvP/PvE Teams


All Day Open World PvP/PvE Groups
Gold farming and Exp farming Runs
Efficient Raid/Fractals/PvP Groups
Customised Spreadsheet Plans


Guild / Team Oriented Players
PvP Centric Players (Other Sandbox, MOBA, Competitive Experiences)
Theorycrafters & Min / Maxers
Mature Quality* Players, No Drama/kittens
Economists (Crafters, Auctioneers)

Self Sufficient
Guild Crafters Available at the Highest Level


Voice Chat: Discord
Text & Announcements: Discord
International: Two Major Timezones – EU / NA 16:00 UTC – 05:00 UTC – game time, this would be our prime times, but still there is players who plays when there is no peek times.
Apply to Discord, Our Link: https://discord.gg/SMyc8G6 /persenal discord chesney264#3159 , Please tag an admin within the new applicants channel. You may also contact [dragonborn.1278] in game for furthur talks.
Death To All,The Infinite Executives
*We define quality in terms of people not skill. We will pass on a highly skilled player who is a jerk and take the average skilled person who has a quality personality. We believe skill can be taught and team play with quality people will bring us to our end goals quicker.
Website: http://infinite-guild.com/ 2 game sections



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