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LF entry-level raid guild (NA)

About me:

  • ~3 years of GW2 experience with a break between HoT & PoF
  • Mostly solo pve, lv80/gold spvp, and very small amount of wvw
  • I have all classes but mainly play necro/scourge (full ascended gear); I like tempest, too, but don't have much in terms of pve healing gear
  • No raid experience in GW2, but I do have mythic raid experience in WoW (takeaway: I'm capable of learning and executing mechanics)
  • On Eredon Terrace but willing to transfer for the right guild

What I'm looking for:

  • Guild with 1-2 night mid-week raid schedule (Tu/We/Th) between 7pm-11pm eastern
  • Mature, friendly players (I have a job and a family with small kids)
  • Don't care about full clears or speed runs; just looking to make new friends & push into more difficult content
  • Also interested in pretty much all other in-game activities (fractals, dungeons, spvp, wvw)

Let me know if you think your guild might be a fit!

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