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When get invis and invuls nerfed?



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    edited February 13, 2018

    Honestly they need to fix stealth before they nerf it again. What i constantly see as a thief
    BP+hs - can still be channeled and hit even though stealth is active - so stealth is basically useless when a ranger uses LB 2 or a deadeye marks you or a holo shoots their light beam pistols at you while youre in stealth its still 100% that you will be hit and downed anyways
    better example 'Stealth while ranger begins lb 2, is still able to channel the entire skill onto you even if you dodge roll while in stealth' should that be possible? NO! but ppl cry for stealth nerfs on thief and mes but that's apart of their survival since they are glass. might as well take it away 100% and make thief a better tank than druid. like its not hard to counter stealth at allllllll. play a stealth class to find this out.