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[EU] LFGuild; casual PVE on RS

Hey everyone,

My homeserver is Riverside, and I live in Germany (UTC +1). I am not sure if I would be willing to leave my server. If there is good reason to and I might have guest played and see a big advantage in switching it isn't like its not an option though. I don't mind voice chat, actually I think that would be pretty nice. Language wise I am stuck with German and English. As I am playing in English, I would probably prefer an English Community, otherwise some Game elements are obviously harder to talk about. That obvioulsly doen't mean I wouldn't join a German community either though...

I am a returning player. I was a very early player, but also left the game after a while (I think around the beginning of LS1 but do not remember for sure), when my former playing buddies left as well. I have been back for a bit now, for some solo play. As most of the higher level content is much easier in groups and especially more fun as well - I was thinking I might start looking for a Guild with some fun people to hang and play with.

I would say I am a very casual player. I have not yet put a big focus on specific character build. I play to enjoy myself, also switching my characters around a bit. Right now I do not have specific playing times.

As you can see I mostly play for fun and whatever I feel like at the time. PvE focused. Some leveling, Events, jumping puzzles and personal Story. I would like to do some Dungeons as well - have sadly barely played any so far. If something fun is goin on, I am ususally quite willing to join. It would be nice to get through HoT and PoF as well.

So if you don't mind a casual player who is in it for the fun and joy, looking for some drinking buddies so to say ;) I would love to get a message. I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.


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