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What are the basics of conquest?

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I just got into ranked, and I have some understanding of the basic concepts from watching people like Helseth and Sindrener, know the map mechanics, etc. but don't really have a solid understanding of how to play. For example people speak of "rotation" but is there a general expectation about how you are supposed to rotate? And how are you supposed to open (1 cap home, rest go mid?)? Do you +1 as often as the opportunity presents itself, even in the middle of nowhere? How important are the various map objectives compared to capping nodes?

And more specifically for Mirage: what are the basics of portal placement (I'm just dropping them as often as possible near nodes)? Am I supposed to hold a point if I can, or leave it to a bunker? When should I join teamfights or search for caps? When faced 1v1 with a bunker, how long do I try to kill him until I give up and leave?

Everything is ultimately going to be situational, but I'd like to know if there are any basic guidelines or unspoken rules.


  • Unspoken rule 1 of them don't feed the enemy if their all camping on mid and your team is having a hard time beating them 4v4 and they wipe at mid best to proceed to the next cap point sometimes you gota play the sides...

    Also on the off chance you are having a hard time staying alive and you suspect you are about to die with 1-2 people chasing you better to die on a point making the effort then dying off point ..Off point is only handy if over half their team is chasing your kitten if you got that many people chasing you ...take them on a tour of the map your team should be able to cap in the fray.

    If somehow someway your team cannot take advantage of that moment then your likely screwed anyways sometimes even when you give your team that kind of advantage and they cant capitalize on it they still end up blaming you be prepared for it because it is going to happen you will get blamed for them it doesn't always happen but it is there and likewise in return if you kitten up lol and you know you did it don't blame your team they wont take kindly to it.

    PvP in general is semi bad for the blood pressure for most people they get mad fast and start pointing fingers about why kitten happened 9/10 times the ones pointing the fingers are usually the ones that kitten up to begin with not always but safe bet over 50% of the time.. better to have that block list ready or have a thick skin.

    Far as tactical plays go what to do in what situation I'm sure some good PvPers will come in and list those for you .... Assuming there are any left ........lol... I couldn't help it