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LF> Raid Guild (semi-hardcore player)

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Hi there,

It seems I have to post again due to the forum update.
I play GW2 since last September , so I decided it might be time to start raiding.
I am now looking for a NOOB friendly guild to help me LEARN how to raid.
I have absolutely zero raid experience and would really like if another Berserker/Dragonhunter/Herald player can teach me how to raid properly.

I have level 80 Warrior/Guardian/Revenant (Currently leveling Engineer, Thief, Ranger. I do plan to cap all classes)
I'm a Berserker main using a non-meta build. I play power PS and I have a full ascended berserker gear.
I do plan on getting a full set of condition gear, and I have started working towards that as I know condiPS is better.
I can also play power Dragonhunter and power Herald.
I have bought the expansion so I can use the new elites this week as well.

Can't really do any other classes at the moment as I lack the medium/light ascended gear.

A little about me:
I'm 23 years old (turning 23 next week, wish me happy birthday and send me gold plzkthx)
Living and studying in Sofia, Bulgaria (Europe)
I love: cats, junk food, working out and memes.

Feel free to pm me here, post in the topic or send me mail in game. XOXO

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