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20% discount for Path of Fire

Unlock all previous episodes of Living World Season 3 for a 20% discount. How does this work? I played all through season 3 living world but when I go to buy path of fire it doesn't show a change in price up to the point of where I confirm purchase.


  • JustTrogdor.7892JustTrogdor.7892 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The discount is for the season 3 package for those that don't have it unlocked. It isn't a discount on the price of PoF for people that played season 3.

  • The 20% is most likely for those who didn't play LS3 and its the gem discount they get for buying and unlocking the episodes, the 20% off is not for the PoF release.

    Don't say what you mean, it will get you in trouble.

  • Aww and here I thought I was going to get a discount for being a thriving member of the community, Thanks for infos.

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