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Multiple people kicked from raid squads tonight

Unfortunately our guild had to cancel raids tonight because multiple people were getting kicked from the squad, into the aerodrome, over and over. A friend's guild was having the same problem in raids.

Are the servers having problems tonight?


  • Vilkata.4725Vilkata.4725 Member
    edited December 19, 2017

    This was happening to my wife tonight, once during fractals and twice during a toypocalypse run.

    Edit: Also it was weird because on her screen it said she wasn't in a party anymore, but on my screen she was still in my party, just no longer in the instance. I had to disband the group and re-invite her to get her back in the instance.

  • Same thing kept happening to me in fractals tonight, kept getting kicked back to LA with no warning, nobody in the groups is trying to kick, the sever just decided to boot us without a D/C.

  • Calliope.8675Calliope.8675 Member ✭✭
    edited December 19, 2017

    This has been happening to me since I started raids with my group tonight. It's been very annoying and it's cost me loot, my group time, pulls, and food. Yall got anything to say? Noticed a problem? I've sent one or two tickets about it already. It's blocking my progress and inhibiting the fun I have been experiencing with this game.

    I also do not show up in my raid squad anymore though everyone in the squad still says I show up.

  • That usually indicates a problem with the "name server" (the one that keeps track of things like friends list, nick names, guild names, etc). It's been misbehaving for some people and some guilds since the actual server outage late last week. Either it's getting more unstable or they are trying to fix it.

    Regardless of the cause, I strongly recommend sending in a support ticket: the more data that ANet gets about who is affected, when, where, and how, the more likely they can troubleshoot. (Don't rely just on posting here.)

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