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[EU] New player looking for PVE guild

Currently leveling a 59lvl guardian (going to play gs dragonhunter build) , I played WoW for like 6 years did some hardcore progresses etc. but got bored eventually and now I bought the expansions and I'm currently looking for a friendly PVE guild, im playing in Gandara and I live in Turkey so timezone shouldn't be a huge difference/problem I guess :P


  • The 10 year old community Sword of Justice is recruiting.

    We are a 10 year old guild that formed back in Guild Wars and is still active in Guild Wars 2. Having fun, playing the game in a relaxed yet structured way, aiming high, sharing our discoveries, our achievements but also any other random things we come across = having a good time together... that's what SOJ is all about.

    We are looking for any player New/Returning or Veteran to join our ranks and join our helpful and friendly community. We have a forum and an active Teamspeak server where we hang out daily. Message me (ingame name Corax.2403) or the guild leader (ingame name Azharyn.5672) if interested. Hope to see you soon.

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