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[EU] Raid clear giveaway, including full clear and CM title

Hey all,

Our guild, [US] (it's an EU guild, don't worry), is doing a raid clear giveaway for Christmas/Wintersday. We are giving away a full clear of all 5 wings to the lucky winner, but there are additional prizes, including a full wing 4 Challenge Mote run (giving you the Demon's Demise title and a lot of AP), and a choice of boss kill.

You can enter through the thread on reddit here. Check out the rules on how to enter there! It's basically just about you posting some original content, like a reason why you want to win in poem form, or some nice Wintersday screenshot, etc. The deadline to enter is Thursday 21 December at 17 UTC, and we'll draw the winner that evening.

If you create a reddit account just to enter, make sure to include your account name in the post, that way we try to avoid having duplicate entries. Good luck!

Main char: Samara
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  • That's quality giveaway!

  • Lanthun.7251Lanthun.7251 Member ✭✭✭

    Aw, disappointing it's on EU; would of so been down for this (yeah... I'm a filthy lazy casual who has no time/interest for raids)! Best of luck to the EU participants though. :D

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