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[EU][PVE] SOJ is Recruiting

The 10 year old community Sword of Justice is recruiting.

We are a 10 year old guild that formed back in Guild Wars and is still active in Guild Wars 2. Having fun, playing the game in a relaxed yet structured way, aiming high, sharing our discoveries, our achievements but also any other random things we come across = having a good time together... that's what SOJ is all about.

We are looking for any player New/Returning or Veteran to join our ranks and join our helpful and friendly community. We have a forum and an active Teamspeak server where we hang out daily. Message me (ingame name Corax.2403) or the guild leader (ingame name Azharyn.5672) if interested. Hope to see you soon.


  • Hi, I'm very very new to Guild wars. around 40 hours in total, and I've only discovered 4 areas to 100%. However, I'm just looking for a guild of fun, chill people to just mess around and do PvE stuff with. Hopefully I'm not too inexperienced for your guild, it sounds just right for me. (PS, do you have a discord server? that's be great, as I'm not too familiar with teamspeak )