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Pet dps comparison

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I make this post so people can see some of the issues regarding to certain pets, as well as to get rid of the bias against certain pets.

The test is taken under these circumstances:
Pets will have all boons available against enemies with 25 stacks of vulnerability: (No profession specific buffs aside from spotter are included)

Trait: Sharpened Edge, Bountiful Hunter, Spotter buff, BM Line
Skill: Signet of Wild Passive
The reasoning of this trait choice is because in order for pets to get all boons realistically, nature magic is basically a must.
Sharpened edge usually result in merely 2 stacks of bleed on most pets.

I take 2 portion of dps numbers on raid golem and take the average number of that 2 numbers to avoid damage fluctuation.

Hot Pets:

Bristleback: 3302 (F2)
Tiger: 3036
Fire Wyvern: 3027 (F2 + AOE)
Electric Wyvern: 2806 (AOE)
Smokescale: 2416

Vanilla pets:

Lynx: 3515 (F2)
Eagle: 3192 (F2)
Forest Spider: 2375 (F2)
Lashtail Devourer: 2131 (F2)
River Drake: 1707 (F2+ AOE)
Pink Moa: 1604
Dog: 1573
Boar: 1425
Brown Bear: 964

Lynx is the highest damage pet because of F2, but Bristleback’s dps is very close to Lynx dps, but it has advantage of fighting in range, so take that into consideration.

Wyvern’s dps is quite amazing for a pet that hit multiple targets, so it’s very useful against trash mobs. Even against bosses, they have pretty good CC skill, while not doing horrible damage at all, so take that into consideration if you need more cc.

Smokescale’s damage is not as low as people made it be. It is higher than most of the vanilla pets, while being as tanky as Bear.

Eagle damage is as high as other cats except Lynx which is pretty good.

Pigs , Dogs Drake, and Moa need a huge dps buff.

Bear is absolutely atrocious, so please avoid bringing it in general.

PS: If you grab the meta build that has no nature magic in it, there's no way your pet can have all boons all the time, so your pet dps should be count lower.


  • How do Lynx and Tiger dps differ when using attack of opportunity? Lynx f2 hits twice, Tiger once?

  • Aomine.5012Aomine.5012 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 18, 2017

    @Kain Francois.4328 said:
    How do Lynx and Tiger dps differ when using attack of opportunity? Lynx f2 hits twice, Tiger once?

    Simply because Lynx F2 is just much stronger in general, with high damage (hit twice) and high condition ticks.
    Yes, F2 does make a difference on some pets.

    Don't ask me why some pets do much more damage than others and why some do pathetically low damage.
    Ask Anet. I'm just showing the result.

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    Was the bristleback right next to the golem?

    If so, I have a feeling that's why it's at the top when it's ranged nature usually means it's spike burst aoe skill doesn't hit a target more than once.

  • Try running the test on the moving golem, but prepare to be bored.