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Targetting is really off

Even hitting multiple mobs next to me with attacks the targeting system constantly selected a mob far away from me that I wasn't hitting at all. It's part of what makes close combat nonsense, you can't lock target cause you'll always be one the wrong target and without lock target you don't kill anything as your toon will constantly change target.


  • Blude.6812Blude.6812 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Yep agree and have always felt that the targeting system was sub par and needs to be fixed. I just love it when I am grabbing flax at the farm in Tangled Depths and the wyvern are mobbing me, kill one and the system decides to target the frog/cavern bat that is a level below, can't even be seen . Just a bad system over all.

  • I agree with ya. Please consider trying the 'action camera' system instead.

  • Adenin.5973Adenin.5973 Member ✭✭✭

    True, standing in front of mobs, killing your target, still dozens of mobs in front of you and the game targets some destroyable object behind you, like a door and then interrupts all skills you've activated with a cd.

    Only action cam is atm some sort of solution to this.

  • I have been saying this for years, exact same complaints that I read above. About 10 years ago now, I started playing WoW (I don't pay for it or play anymore but miss the add-ons a lot) and was very much expecting (after having played GWs) that the targeting would be difficult to acquire the proper target. Luckily it was surprisingly easy to get the proper target without clicking, however in 2012 and to this day those fears have been fully realized with GW2. To the point that I now use the name Bull Crab Targeting for my weekly key farmer. I've also been complaining about the Action Camera for years, number one complaint being the hardwired mouse buttons, why can we still not change what they do in AC? I want to use them to move not attack, therefore AC is 100% useless to me. The one other thing that I have been asking/wishing for is a Belt Pouch that we can bind keys to and place any consumable into. At this point I expect to see full flight mounts with capes before anything being fixed with targeting or Action Camera, fully customizable movable UI elements, or build saves let alone a Belt Pouch.

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    Targetting system in this game is literally horrible.

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    I'll try to explain what would make the targeting much more user friendly for me, instead of just complaining. Pretty sure I've talked about the red arrow in a sea of red name tags before, but for one glorious day I could actually tell what I was targeting instantly. It was apparently an unintended bug, because the very next day the target arrow was back to being red in a sea of red, it had been switched to yellow over hostile targets, AND I COULD SEE IT, FOR ONE DAY. The targeting something behind your character or even off screen is really annoying as well.

    1. LET US CHOOSE what color the targeting overhead arrow is and maybe even the floor circle but the arrow, which is way too small, would be enough IF IT WAS NOT RED IN A SEA OF RED. Making the overhead arrow pulse larger or slide further up would help tons too.
    2. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER SELECT A TARGET THAT IS NOT IN THE VIEW FRAME. Maybe even give us an option to Never Select Target Behind Character.
    3. LET US MOVE the UI element that shows us the target info, you know, how we could in Guild Wars. Pinned at top center is/was and always will be horrible for me.
    4. The Call Target marker is great, really the only thing that I can see at all times, glad it only took a year and a half or two to be able to use while not in a party. However a Focus Target (like WoW has) would make targeting QoL so much better, and I would figure somewhere to bind that set and recall even though I'm already well into Shift+ bindings.
    5. Similar to 1, LET US CHOOSE what color the Action Camera "dot" is, white in the Shiverpeaks is as bad as red in a sea of red.
    7. Let us have settings where "TAB" targeting and/or Nearest Enemy and/or Autotargeting WILL ONLY SELECT HOSTILE TARGETS completely excluding any yellow (neutral) targets. Since I'm pretty well into fantasy land at this point I would also suggest further settings along these lines where each type of targeting (TAB, Nearest, Auto) could be set to Only Hostile, Standard (the way it is now), and for the Necros, an ALL setting which would include ambient creatures as well. And a way to set all of those types (TAB, Nearest, Auto) to one (Only Hostile, Standard, All) restriction.
    8. Slightly off topic but still relevant, LET US CHOOSE which mouse button does what on the mini-map. I, for one, would love to be able to swap the current set up back to draw with the left mouse button and ping the map with the right, hated the change when it happened.
  • Praffy.4091Praffy.4091 Member ✭✭

    so with so many complains nobody bother to fix it?
    targeting system use to work perfect a few years ago.
    now with only one mob on the screen that it attacks me, pressing tab didn't select anything. after 2-3 times pressing tab i gave up and selected the mob manually.
    now thats amazing.

  • sorudo.9054sorudo.9054 Member ✭✭✭✭

    they need to use the GW1 targeting system, first TAB is nearest and it expands outwards.

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