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[NA]LF Raiding Guild (semi-hardcore)

Hey I am jumping back into GW2 after a little break because of school and am looking for a raiding guild to join. (Been looking online in game for the past two weeks and haven't found any guilds posting in there) I have a lot of experience with the first two raid wings and used to help teach in my old guild, but builds have changed a little so I am just a bit out of the meta now.
I'd love to raid during the week or weekend during the afternoon/evening hours (Sunday's I am not available though).
I have a tempest healer, Druid Healer, Tempest/Weaver DPS, Daredevil DPS and working on gearing some other characters for raids. My old guild that I was with has disbanded and I am homeless now, looking for a new one.
If I look like someone who you think would be a good addition to your guild please talk to me. You can contact me in game: Fierce Wanna Be.3620 or discord RASTLN#8605

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