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Disconnect After "Plan of Attack- Living World Season 2"

Can not seem to complete this quest. After defeating the statue, the game goes into a cut scene. Once it finishes and returns to the character but will freeze everything, leaving the little film roll icon above the characters head, then disconnects right to the character select screen. Can't seem to find a solution. Annoying to have to keep replaying this quest from the begging every time.


  • Dokem.2634Dokem.2634 Member

    The same is happening to me right now. Any of you know a solution? Thanks.

  • I guess this was never fixed because it just happened to me. Any solutions?

  • You can find Dev responses, and player work-arounds in the 'official' thread, 'Story Disconnects'.

    Good luck.

  • One work-around that is effective for some people depending on the specific causes:
    Keep spamming your auto-attack skill, especially during cutscenes.

    Apparently, in some circumstances, the server's think they aren't getting through to your machine and eventually gives up. When the cutscene ends, your computer realizes that the server hung up the phone, and has a fit. If you are doing something in game (including using your [1] skill), then the PC keeps talking to the servers and the server doesn't DC.

    There are plenty of situations in which this won't do the trick and it doesn't actually solve the root cause. It's just good enough until support gets back to you in response to a ticket.

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  • Some have success with a VPN, as well as other work-arounds.

  • Thanks everyone.

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