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[EU] International Snowman Army [snow] search you

HoodyMoody.6584HoodyMoody.6584 Member
edited December 28, 2017 in Looking For Guild

The international snowman army is looking for you! We are bunch of Roamer, Zerger, PvPler and special snowflakes. Join the Guild and take over the world with the other Snowmen. Freezie Crown needed.
(Just a fun guild or "community" guild for WvW and PvP Player. Find players, organize 1vs1, find roaming teammates, AT players, PvP and more players. But you need the Freezie Crown. Also the server is not important. You can play on FSP, on Drakkar, on UW or other. The International Snowman Army is everywhere)
Contact: MoodyMoody.6584 and HannesNero.9045 and kitten.2083 (All members get the right to invite other players.)

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