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[EU][PvX] Make Tea Not War [TEA] recruting for Raids (esp teachers), Dungeons, Missions etc!

Thirsty and lonely? Join ”Make Tea Not War” today! Warning: High tea consumption may cause frequent bathroom breaks. Members also suffer from bad puns and jumping puzzle addictions.

Are you able to multitask tea drinking with chat typing and adventuring? Then you’re welcome to join us!

These are our current events:

  • Wednesday & Thursday 8 pm CEST: Organised PvE Guild Raid.

  • On Fridays 8 pm CEST we do guild missions (a la Finexen)! Think its a very nice social event were you get to know your fellow tea drinkers better.

  • For all of you that loves dungeons I'm happy to inform you that we currently have daily dungeon runs (a la Erorus!). These run ever second week at 6pm, and at 7pm the week after (CEST) on all evenings except Sundays!

    • There's recently an interest to do WvW together as some of the people in the guild are on Piken. We hope to get an activity going once we get more people that are interested and stationed on Piken as well.

So, what is the guild TEA?

  • A social PvX guild, that focuses on a friendly atmosphere no matter game mode. :) For people that wants to have a fun time first of all.

  • We host at least 2 raids a week + guild missions + dungeon runs.

  • We try to keep members around 100 (that were last online less than a month ago). This is to make sure that the guild remains a friendly community where everyone knows everyone. And of course also to make sure that we have active members for our events.

  • Discord (not a must for members to use – unless they want to participate in PvE Raids. (No need to talk.) I do encourage all of our members to visit our text channels on the discord since we often post guild information there (and in the message of the day but nobody ever reads that….). Just beware of the dankmemesunited channel….(you've been warned!).

  • Members from all over Europe (=not British only! I believe that most people currently are from Netherlands, Scandinavia and England but we do indeed have tea drinkers from various places on the earth.)

  • A friendly chat and guild environment (+ guild rules to keep it that way!)

    • The members are the guild. We have plenty of officers and members that are helpful and organising/participating in guild activities so there isn't any leader focus (though please call Stefan a dictator or you will hurt his feelings. Also, whenever something goes wrong you can always blame him even if he had nothing to do with it...that's what leaders are for, right?)

    • Decoration group - for those that wants to join in with planning the decorations for the guildhall. (whoopsi now at decoration cap! xD) There are several jumping puzzles in the guildhall for the brave and fit heroes of Tyria.

    • The main rule at all times – Have fun and tea up!

Below I'll write some PvE raid specific info, so if you are not interested in this you can just fast scroll down (Note: you do not have to join in for PvE raids to be in tea)

How do you sign up for our raids?

  • You sign up for our raids through a google sheet document (ask for link when you join or check message of the day). There you also can click in what classes you have and your experience (+ change it yourself whenever you have updated/upgraded something).

How does the raids look like?

  • During our two raid days we try to balance it with experienced and new people, so that new people can learn in their own phase without feeling like a liability. However, currently we are also in need of more teachers and commanders for our raids. :) We have many in learning atm and hope that it will stabilise in time as people get to practise more often. We can currently organise 1 or 2 squads during the raid evenings depending on demand. It would be nice to get some more experienced raiders that enjoy raid TEAching into our guild. However, please note that we will not become a guild that focuses on speed clears.

What are the requirements to raid with us?

  • On the class sheet there is a row that shows if a person has a “prepared” raid status. When it shows as “prepared” it means that you are ready for battle! To get this status you have to send some golem and gear information (depending on what class you play). It's nothing to be scared of, it's just our attempt to keep the “preparations” for raids outside of the raid hours so that during the raid we can focus on getting some nice attempts on bosses! The info we ask for is dps numbers if you play dps (no need to reach qt, its just to see if you have practised. If you don't manage despite practising, know that we are here to help! People are often happy to help others with getting the rotations down. :), your boon upkeep if you play chrono plus some explinations of your cc, distort, reflects and focus pull, and if you play healer – an explination of how your rotation could look like, what skills does what, cc etc. So as you see its not any big thing really, just a quick check to see whether you know the class you want to raid on before the raid happends. :)

Do you have any clearing runs?

  • The two organised guild raids are more teaching raids and does not promise full clears. However the guild also has two statics running. These are full of tea drinkers, but the requirements/raid hours etc are different between them both as its decided by the people in the static group and not by the guild as whole. If you are interested in this, just let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Do you have any demands on certain classes for raids?

  • Play whatever you feel comfortable on and think is fun (as long as its a “proper” build….I'm sorry to say magi warrior is still not viable...cough). Especially when you are new to it you should just play the class/role that you feel best on. If you don't know, you can always ask for some advice as some classes are more user friendly than others.

Do you have any demands on experience for raids?

  • Nop! We have people joining in that has never raided before. However we would love to have more people with experience of all bosses to help us out with our teaching raids! Both commanders and teachers (to assist them) are very much appreciated! These raids are a good thing that we have had going for some time now but it would be nice if it could involve more people with raid experience. Our raids should feel like raiding with friends, guild mates that you'll meet again and again and see how they improve over time or learn new roles other than lfg raids where you have new faces all the time. There is currently also some room in a static (I believe) for those that enjoys raiding a lot.

Aaaaaaand now all the none-raiders can start reading again:

  • Something more that could be worth mentioning is that you don't have to be interested in all game modes to join the guild. When it comes to WvW we are young, and when it comes to PvE raids we mostly just want to raid with friends (But please also note that raids not a casual game mode and you are required to do/willing to learn your part and spend time preparing for it).

To join the guild, please contact Moira De Muerte or Guldriel (accoutnames below).

Hope to see you in game! Cheers!

/Guldriel (Accountname: Varmchoklad.4567) or Moira De Muerte (Accountname: sstefanovv.5269

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