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[EU] Primal Energy [NRG] New fractal/raid team

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edited February 6, 2018 in Looking for Group

New raid/fractal static team forming looking for semi-hardcore players for weekly raid and daily fractal clears. Looking for skilled players with complete knowledge of all wings up to wing 4 (and as much wing 5 experience as possible) aiming to improve and have fun as part of a new team.

Requirements: Full understanding of your class(es)
Fully geared meta builds
At least one power and condi class geared for DPS players
Desire to improve and help others improve

Currently looking for DPS and druid players.

If interested join our discord and leave a message in the recruitment thread, link: https://discord.gg/H2EDx7m

Disclaimer The recruitment process is just beginning, I have had several players join, contribute nothing and leave after a few days. We are looking for dedicated, active and friendly players with a bit of patience who respond to group messages and are dedicated to building a community together.


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