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[NA][Global]Is anyone interested in starting a PvX guild which values freedom and diversity?

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[About me]
Hi, folks! I am Nanunu, a returning player who was away from GW2 for more than a year. As many of you, I struggle to find time to play the game as I have a job with frequent overtime work and a family to feed and entertain.

When I have time to play the game these days, I mainly play living world season 3 on my main with my wife or HoT on my sub alone. Hearinng good things about PoF, I really am looking forward to play it soon, hearing good things about it.

I am on Jade Quarry server but I believe it does not matter out side of WvW. I am from Japan which is in UTC/GMT+9 time zone. So if you find my Engrisch is little weired, you got your answer now ;)

[About starting a guild]
While I enjoy the game very much, the thought that I am missing big portion of fun by not being in a guild is getting bigger and bigger recently. The obvious option is to join a thriving guild. Though it may take some time and effort to find one, I believe there are multiple choices of good guilds.

However, I cannot help but think that it must be more enjoyable to start a new guild than joining an established one. Now the question is... anyone interested in starting a new guild? Long time ago, I used to run a small guild in MMORPG when I was a university student with a lot of time to spare. However, I believe I need co-leaders and/or officers this time.

[Guild concepts]
If I am to start a guild, I want to emphasize two things: freedom and diversity.

Freedom means all guild members are free to do or not to do anything anytime as long as it doesn't offend other people having fun playing the game. I expect leader/officers to have some responsibility to decide what have to be decided (like guild name, guild rules or how to recruit people) on rare occasions but other than that all members are equally free and equally responsible.

Diversity means people with various backgrounds, time zones, play styles, skill levels etc. are all welcomed. If there are differences I want to respect and enjoy them.

[What do you think?]
So... is anyone interested? If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.