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Jade Reapers New Years Party

BruticusJD.8704BruticusJD.8704 Member
edited December 28, 2017 in In-Game Events

Hey Everyone,

Jade Reapers will be celebrating 2018 with a blast and we would like you to join us!
When: 6th of January.
Where: Crystal Oasis (European region)
Time: 3pm CET till 6pm CET.

Because we have this new area to party we will have a lot of new ingame mini games with awesome prizes to win.
Main prize is Precursor Dawn!
We also have a discord giveaway, our New Years Bot will randomly pick winners for nice prizes!
Hope to see you all!

More info @ http://newyears.jade-reapers.com/

Regards and happy new year,

Evil Bruticus



  • Embered.5089Embered.5089 Member ✭✭✭

    So, just to be clear, this is only for EU? NA players can't join?

  • NA Players can join if they play on European servers and NA Players can join us on Discord. We have a new years bot giving out prizes randomly between the ingame events.