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[EcK]Elite Contract Killers[NA][SoS]|WvW Thief Only Guild

Not long ago a friend passed away that helped founded the Elite Contract Killers name [+EcK+], on a game called Americas Army, by the online name Mercier, ...this guild and its name is going to be in his memory for all he did for me and the gaming community for all +EcK+ had stood for.


We want all and any thieves for themed roaming and wvw bag farming that are on Sea of Sorrows.

Only rules we have are as follows (keep in mind we just formed so not many rules):
* Discord is a must while on thief, TS when we are cooperating with the server
* Thieves are required
* Only rep whilst on thief and in wvw with it. This frees up all other characters on your account to any other guild.
* Be on Sea of Sorrows.
* Do not represent on any toon other than thief.
* Help recruit other thieves.**

Example of what I hope to achieve would be the following video but applied for NA.

Any interest in joining please send a mail to Lithril Ashwalker.6230

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