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[NA EST] LF raiding guild willing to take on a newbie raider

Hey guys, I'm extremely interested in joining a raiding guild. I've been looking to join a guild that takes on people willing to learn raids. I've never been raided before I feel like it's the next step in this game for me (i've joined gw2 raid academy but no luck learning so far as groups havent been taking initiates). Other PvE content is too easy and I'm looking to challenge myself with a group of friends. Even though I don't have raiding experience I do have experience playing the game (veteran from the gw2 beta days till now).

I'm NA EST and get home around 10pm est, 4-5pm est on some other days.

I play a guardian with full zerkers. All my gear is ascended. I catch on to learning curves pretty quick. I have voice chat and can adjust accordingly (ventrilo/ts/discord).

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