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Can't hurt downed opponents

I see this bug at least every other sPvP match with at least 1 opponent. For whatever reason after downing an opponent they cannot be hit or finished. There is no blindness or anything of the sort affecting the player attempting to kill, and when the player attempts to finish the downed opponent, the animation goes all the way through even to the finisher, but it doesn't affect the downed opponent. This is extremely frustrating to have to deal with, especially if the person is downed on a point. I suspect it has something to do with them getting stuck in the terrain (as it's often on stairs or near a ledge, but I can't confirm.


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    I think its because of a glitch when they shadowstep just before death. The game will report them in different locations physically and visually. Its some weird lag that catches up after a while IIRC, or when they die. If you keep cleaving the area you think they are, rather than where you see they are, you'll damage them (because where they are visually is incorrect)

  • What kKagari said, the server is tricked into thinking that the downed person is in that current spot, where the downed player is in fact in a another spot on their client. This also happens with dolyaks from time to time in WvW, where they seemingly take no dmg and then suddenly teleport ahead when the server catches up.

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  • Thank you for the tips! Still definitely an issue that needs to be addressed, but at least now I know to run around cleaving til I hit something

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